- From the island of Trinidad - 
- Hatchling is a collaborative juxtaposition -
- redefining the sonic aesthetic of the Caribbean -
- through vintage sentiment &  futuristic Execution -



LIVE band :

 - Syam Nath/Vox-Guitar-Synth-Electronics-
- Alpacino Smith/Guitar -
- Khalid Pahalwan/Drums-Electronics -
- Keshav Bahadursingh/Synth -
 - Matt Mohammed/Bass Guitar -


youtopia 13.09.2018

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Summer '17 east coast Tour

 JUL 01    SAT                Jack Rabbits                     Jacksonville, FL
          JUL 02    SUN                West End Trading Co              Sanford, FL
JUL 05    WED                The Copper Rocket                Maitland, FL
          JUL 09    SUN                Common Grounds                   Greensboro, NC

          JUL 15    SAT                Branded Saloon                   Brooklyn, NY
JUL 18    TUE                Great Scott                      Boston, MA
          JUL 20    THU                The Fez                          Stamford, CT

          JUL 22    SAT                Rathskeller Tavern               Charlestown, RI
          JUL 23    SUN                Wheel House                      Narragansett, RI
          JUL 25    TUE                Evolvement Radio                 Newburyport, MA
          JUL 31    MON                Light Club Lamp Shop             Burlington, VT
          AUG 02    WED                Stella Blues                     New Haven, CT  

          AUG 04    FRI                Fat Baby                         Manhattan, NY
          AUG 15    TUE                Coupe's Deville                  Charlottesville, VA
          AUG 17    THU                The Golden Pony                  Harrisonburg, VA
          AUG 19    SAT                Charlie's American Cafe          Norfolk, VA
          AUG 25    TUE                The Mill                         Charleston, SC
          SEP 02    SAT                Funky Buddha Lounge              Boca Raton, FL




With a mixture of indie, pop and alternative, Hatchling is futuristic sounding dream pop that makes you feel inherently cooler as soon as you start listening to it. While the band may hail from an unlikely source for slick indie music, you can hear the influence of contemporary acts from around the world all blended into their sound. The group is beyond a traditional band, but more of a creative collective, fronted by multi-instrumentalist and producer Syam Nath. This is the type of music that you can be hooked on easily, as you’ll hear from the single
”16 Pixel” .
— Breaking and Entering's Five to Watch (Dec 15, 2016) https://breakingandentering.net/2016/11/30/9797/